Seeing the city through a climate lens

Run time: 15.30 – 17.00
How can we start to capture and communicate the local effects of climate change through images?

Images are everywhere. Beyond capturing memories or helping to explain concepts, they can be vivid and emotive tools, drawing us in to a topic. They also play a key role in the media, communicating beyond words and shaping how we think. 

Despite their importance, photography and imagery don’t tend to get the recognition they deserve. Often relegated to the role of background ‘wallpaper’, images are often given little thought by researchers or journalists. 

Join Saffron O’Neill and a team of experts in climate communication for a guided walk-through Exeter City Centre. View the city in a new way and create photographs which re-envision how we might cope, adapt, and flourish in a climate-changed future. 

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8 September 2023 - 15:30
Exeter Phoenix - The Workshop, Exeter City Centre

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