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A Sensory Map of Exeter for BSF23

A Sensory Map of Exeter for BSF23

When you walk around Exeter, do you choose the quickest route or the one with the views? Do you pay attention to the familiar sights, smells, and sounds? Or do you quickly feel overwhelmed by the many things happening around you?

We want to make this year’s British Science Festival accessible for everyone. So, together with neurodivergent families, we have created a sensory map of our city for this year’s British Science Festival. The map explores quieter and more stimulating routes across our city, linking sites of sensory interest with the British Science Festival venues: Exeter Phoenix, Exeter Cathedral, and the University of Exeter.

Download Your BSF Sensory Map

Have fun using the map to explore the quieter or more stimulating routes across the city and discover some fun sensory experiences along the way.

Download Your Worksheet

Or have a go at creating your own sensory map! Download a copy of your very own sensory worksheet with lots of space to draw and describe places that stimulate your senses. We would love to see your drawings so if you’re posting your pictures online use the hashtag #exetersensorymap.


We’d love your feedback so we can improve the map. Please email Agile Rabbit with your comments and if easier they can arrange a short call.

The map has been developed and designed in collaboration with Dr Abby Russell, Senior Lecturer in Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Eleanor Bryant, Graduate Research Associate at the University of Exeter, artist and researcher Dr Kate McLean, radio producer Alice Armstrong, and Cornwall-based artist Louise Lane, founder of Little Birdie Guides.