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In Darwin’s shadow

Run time: 15.30 – 16.30

When we think about the theory of natural selection and evolution, Charles Darwin is usually the first person to come to mind. However, like a lot of scientific discoveries, there were multiple people involved in shaping it. Alfred Russel Wallace was one of them.

Wallace and Darwin published the theory in 1858, with Darwin elaborating and popularising it his well-known book, 'Origin of Species' a year later. Why is it then, that Darwin is now a household name, whilst Wallace seems to have dropped off the radar?

Join George Beccaloni, the Director of the Alfred Russel Wallace Correspondence Project, who’ll tell the story of Wallace, from his early life in Neath in Wales, to his adventures to the Amazon and Southeast Asia and how he independently discovered natural selection along the way. This insightful talk will not only explore the life of Wallace but will also inspire audiences to consider whose voices are celebrated and whose are unfairly overshadowed.

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7 September 2023 - 15:30
Forum Exploration Lab 1, University of Exeter Streatham Campus

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