From Vikings to colonialists: How humans shaped the oceans

Run time: 19.00 – 22.30

Our coastal seas and global oceans are under unprecedented pressure from both climate change and wider human impacts. These marine environments play an essential part of the global climate system and in providing food security. However, given these environments are hidden beneath the waves, our ability to understand and see society’s impact on them is limited. 

Join the journey into the cutting-edge techniques being used to pull back the tide and reveal how marine ecosystems have changed in response to key cultural impacts. Explore how the longest-lived animals on Earth can tell the story of past ocean change, and how ancient DNA trapped in sea floor mud can reveal the secrets of past ecosystem change. Question how these approaches reveal the impacts of past cultural changes such as the Viking colonisation of Iceland, whaling in Antarctica, western colonisation in Australia and the industrialisation of fishing in the North Sea. 

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8 September 2023 - 19:00
Guildhall Shopping Centre, Exeter City Centre

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