Crip AI: towards disability-led design

We are delighted to announce that Dr Louise Hickman of the London School of Economics and the Ada Lovelace Institute is the British Science Festival 2021 Award Lecture winner for Science and the Arts.

Louise has been awarded this recognition for her research into how we can improve Artificial Intelligence (AI) by using disability-led design. She has recorded a short video clip about her work here.

People with disabilities across the world come face-to-face with systems that were not designed for or with them, and that includes AI. In her talk at the British Science Festival in September Louise will discuss the gaps between code and people and all their lived experience, and ask how disability can change the way we write code? She will offer a compelling insight into the space between algorithms and people, and the importance of disability-led design in considering AI and data. Using real-life examples, such as captioning, she will explore the fascinating dynamic between technology, its diverse users and the changing environment.

To delve further into Louise’s research and its impact on our lives, she will be taking part in a special Q+A event as part of the British Science Festival in September.

All of the Q+A events will take place between 7-11 September on the Chelmsford campus of Anglia Ruskin University, as part of the British Science Festival 2021.


For full details of all British Science Festival 2021 Award Lecture winners read our announcement and you can watch the full video series here.