Award Lecture winners at British Science Festival 2022

The British Science Association (BSA) is pleased to announce the winners of its prestigious Award Lecture series for 2022. The Award Lecturers present their work at the annual British Science Festival, taking place 13 – 17 September, hosted this year by De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester.

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The Award Lecturers are a cohort of top early career researchers, all based in the UK, who are recognised for their cutting-edge work and commitment to public engagement efforts.

Congratulations to:

Mohsen Mosleh (University of Exeter Business School) is the Award Lecture winner for Digital innovation. Mohsen seeks to understand why people share misinformation, and how we can combat the spread of low-quality content online.

Joanna Sadler (University of Edinburgh) is the Award Lecture winner for the Environmental sciences. Joanna will share her research using microbes to break down plastics using vanillin, recycling otherwise redundant waste into delicious flavours.

Amit Pujari (University of Hertfordshire) is the Award Lecture winner in the Engineering, technology and industry category. Amit has investigated the use of tiny vibrations to the fingertips of stroke patients, to bring touch sensations back to affected limbs and significantly improving quality of life.

Maria-Theresia Walach (Lancaster University) is the Award Lecture winner for the Physical sciences and mathematics. Maria-Theresia will explain how she is using the Northern Lights to develop better computer models helping us to better understand how our atmosphere interacts with space.

James Andean (De Montfort University) is the Award Lecture winner in Science and the arts. James’ research focuses on ‘sonic narratives’, which unpicks the unique capacity of music to communicate actions, environment and meaning in the world around us.

Charlotte Krahé (University of Liverpool) is the Award Lecture winner in the Agricultural, medical and biological sciences category. Charlotte’s work into “social placebo effects” is uncovering how psychology and neuroscience can provide a deeper insight into how we perceive and alleviate our pain.

Zainab Naqvi (De Montfort University) is the Award Lecture winner for Social science. Zainab’s lecture will encourage you to question the legal system, the way we are conditioned to accept its binding force in our everyday lives and how it impacts our sense of belonging.

More details about the British Science Festival 2022 programme will be released in the coming months. Stay up to date via Twitter to find out when ticket booking opens.

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