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A window into the brain

A window into the brain

We are delighted to announce that Dr Yolanda Ohene, based at the University of Manchester, is the British Science Festival 2021 Award Lecture winner for agricultural, biological and medical sciences.

Yolanda has been awarded this recognition for her fascinating research that explores our ability to see and understand what is going on inside the brain and how critical this is for the diagnosis and treatment of neurodegenerative illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Yolanda has recorded a short video clip discussing her work here. In her talk at the British Science Festival in September, Yolanda will discuss how traditional techniques to observe the inner workings of our minds in a non-invasive and meaningful way, poses challenges for scientists and clinicians. She has used Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) technology to develop new, ground-breaking techniques for getting inside the head. By visualising the way water molecules move through the blood vessels in the brain, she is bringing together biology and physics to revolutionise the way we approach brain health.

In addition to this video, Yolanda will take part in a special Q+A event as part of the British Science Festival in September, where she will delve into her research and its real-world implications. All of the Q+A events will take place on the Chelmsford campus of Anglia Ruskin University, as part of the ambitious in-person festival programme.


For full details of all British Science Festival 2021 Award Lecture winners read our announcement post and the video series can be viewed here.