Space super-storms

Join Sandra Chapman to explore what impact a space super-storm would have today on our space-age, information-age society.

Finding a murderer

When someone’s cause of death is unknown a post-mortem is carried out, but it’s often difficult to detect smaller injuries that could provide vital clues for police investigations.

Smells like flu

What if we told you that we’ll soon be able to sniff out diseases from smelling someone’s breath?

Birth of planets

In swirls of gas and dust, planets are being born. So-called protoplanetary discs whirl around a central star, with the potential to one day form into something similar to our solar system.

It’s electrifying!

By 2030, 75% of vehicles on UK roads could be run by electricity. Drastic changes are needed to solve the carbon dioxide emissions crisis in transport.

Skin deep

Skin is the body’s largest organ. It’s a barrier to the outside world, but can be absorbent when necessary and has elasticity like no man-made material.