The Holotronica Live 3D show is a retro-futuristic synesthetic trip, merging sound and colour frequencies that feel as if they are jumping off screen, close enough to touch.

Dark Matter

In this part stand-up comedy and part science show, Matthew Starr brings the audience along with him as he tries to understand getting older, his past relationships, and the universe.

Out Thinkers

Out Thinkers showcases the talent of LGBT+ researchers, providing a platform where people can talk about their science while truly being themselves.

Space gynaecology

Why did it take so long for women to go to space? Hear from gynaecologist Varsha Jain about how people thought space travel might affect women’s reproductive organs, and what this means for women’s health and space travel today.


A new comedic play about searching for meaning in a Universe we don’t understand.

Space super-storms

Join Sandra Chapman to explore what impact a space super-storm would have today on our space-age, information-age society.