Dark Matter

In this part stand-up comedy and part science show, Matthew Starr brings the audience along with him as he tries to understand getting older, his past relationships, and the universe.

Out Thinkers

Out Thinkers showcases the talent of LGBT+ researchers, providing a platform where people can talk about their science while truly being themselves.

Doctored memories

Explore how photo editing impacts our memories, world views and society. In an image obsessed world, it’s increasingly difficult to tell what is real and fake, but how bad can it be?

Love your enemy

How can we bridge societal divides? Join this talk to learn about polarisation, inequalities and strategies for progress.

Geek girl gamers

Does playing video games encourage girls to develop a love of science? The self-confessed ‘geek girl’ Anesa Hosein discovered that, compared to non-gamers, girls classed as ‘heavy-gamers’ are three times more likely to pursue science degrees…

The Departure Lounge

The Departure Lounge is a taboo-busting installation from the Academy of Medical Sciences and the Liminal Space, exploring what it means to have a “good death” through personal stories, practical advice, and conversations about medical research.