Presidential address: Alice Roberts

Incoming BSA President, Professor Alice Roberts, reflects on how we can cast our away our individual feelings of hopelessness and believe in our capacity to make the world a better place.

Space super-storms

Join Sandra Chapman to explore what impact a space super-storm would have today on our space-age, information-age society.

Apollo in perspective

In 1968 we received photographs of Earth taken on board Apollo 8, the first manned mission that saw three astronauts orbit the Moon.

A journey from Inferior to Superior

Science has a dark history when it comes to human difference, with scientists in the past abusing data and concocting theories that have perpetuated racism and sexism.

The genetics revolution

Since being coined in the early 20th Century, the concepts of genes, genetics and DNA have entered the collective conscience in everything from health advice to marketing campaigns.

Playful engineering with Meccano

Get your hands on some Meccano and unleash your inner child as the ‘Meccanomen’ – self-proclaimed Meccano enthusiasts – show how this classic toy can reveal a lot about engineering.