Drawing life

Draw life at this dynamic and collaborative artistic workshop with award-winning artist Gemma Anderson.

Mobile malaria mappers

What can the very latest portable DNA technology tell us about the challenges facing researchers on the frontline of tackling malaria?

Childbirth broke my brain

Hear from the Action on Postpartum Psychosis Network to explore the causes, treatment and recovery of postpartum psychosis – a frightening and little understood mental illness.

Pocket blood tests

Bringing together advances in physics, engineering and biology, Stuart Higgins from Imperial College London has invented a “one-size-fits-all” solution to diagnosing health conditions, based on technology originally developed for bendy displays.

The dark heart of the ocean

We know less about the deep ocean than the surface of the Moon, but what we have discovered so far is an extraordinary array of living beings and landscapes

Keeping time

Why does a dreary day feel like it will never end, while a flurry of activity seems to flash by in an instant?

When children became evil

After the Second World War, portrayals of ‘evil children’ in horror and science fiction films grew rapidly in both Britain and the United States