LCB Depot takeover

Friday 16 September | 18:00-23:00

Start your weekend in style as we take over LCB Depot to showcase where science and creativity come together. From poetry, music and improv, to upcycling, gaming and an escape room experience, expect a fun-filled Friday night!

Invite all your friends and come on down to explore the amazing installations, pop-up stalls, talks and workshops on offer.

Whilst here guests can also enjoy activities from the regular programme, including Some-Antics, a monthly spoken word event that features Open Mic, a Poetry Slam and featured act. There is also an opportunity to visit the current exhibition in the Lightbox, part of the LCB Depot creative programme ‘Sound’ running throughout September.

The LCB Depot takeover is supported by PPL PRS Ltd.

Drop-in activities

These events will be running throughout the evening and booking is not required.

A germ's journey


Immerse yourself in the microscopic world of bacteria and be guided through their microbial landscape on an interactive journey using a choose-your-own-adventure comic book. 

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Escape lab: Fight the virus!


Over the COVID-19 pandemic, we all learnt a lot about how viruses act, and the importance of developing drugs to protect us from them. Use your new-found expertise in this lab-inspired escape room experience.

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How do we ignore distractions? Are some things more distracting than others? Uncover the answers to these questions while discovering how researchers study attention spans by playing FrootStroop 

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Times: 18:30; 20:30 (booking not required)


What happens when improv comedy meets cutting edge research? Find out at Leicester’s first Improversity – an improvised sketch show inspired by Leicester-based research.

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Anna Feigenbaum and team members from Bournemouth University’s Science, Health and Data Communication Research Centre invite you to drop by their InstaScience booth and explore how artists are using visual storytelling to share science with audiences around the world.  

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Make your own air filter


In this activity, work with De Montfort University researchers who are creating cheaper, more environmentally-friendly, air filtering devices.

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Take your time


In this experiment, you are invited to ‘unlearn’ societal time and develop your own zeitgeber (time-giver) over the course of 24 to 48 hours. The idea is to start afresh with what we call time.  

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Traces, Molten


This audiovisual artwork created by Bret Battey from De Montfort University invites you to contemplate a continually transforming immersive landscape, driven by mathematical processes.

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Upcycling station


Stop by the upcycling station, run by De Montfort University lecturer and artist, Mary O’Neill, and her students to create beautiful art pieces and meaningful artefacts from old textiles and everyday wastes. 

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Talks and performances

These events can be booked in advance. There will be limited walk-up tickets on the night.

They will be held in Manhattan 34 Cellar Bar, across the road from LCB Depot.

Two spoken word voyages into poetry

Manhattan 34 Cellar Bar, across the road from LCB Depot

18:00-19:00 Voyage to a comet’s underworld!  

This spoken word performance with De Montfort University’s poet, Siobhan Logan, will transport us into the comet’s dark underworld.


19:20-20:05 A fantastical journey to the antipathies

Join Simon Perril from De Montfort University as he premieres his latest poem about the imaginary voyage of displaced fantastical characters aboard refugee ship The Stateless, on a quest to find the mythical lands ‘the Antipathies’.

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When virtual meets reality


Manhattan 34 Cellar Bar, across the road from LCB Depot


The same code that creates the web pages and apps we use everyday can be used to create music. In this one-of-a-kind performance, experience how a virtual companion complements a human live coder to create new and unique music right before your eyes and ears.

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Why beer mat frisbee won’t take off


Manhattan 34 Cellar Bar, across the road from LCB Depot


Forces expert, Johann Ostmeyer from the University of Liverpool, tells us why beer mats and CDs make terrible frisbees. Using high speed cameras, and a variety of demonstrations, he’ll introduce you to the basics of torque, a measure of how much a force acting on an object causes that object to rotate. 

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The LCB Depot takeover is supported by PPL PRS Ltd.