Two Spoken Word Voyages into Poetry

16 September 2022 - 18:00

Manhattan 34 Cellar Bar

Two Spoken Word Voyages into Poetry 

18:00-19:00 Voyage to a comet's underworld! 
19:20-20:05 A fantastical journey to the antipathies 

Voyage to a comets' underworld! 
Are you ready to cross the solar system, riding on a comet’s tail, alongside Egyptian gods and dragons? 

Between 2004 – 2016, the European Space Agency (ESA) chased a comet and studied its outpourings as it orbited back towards the Sun. Called the Rosetta mission, it unlocked secrets about how planets like Earth were born. 

This spoken word performance with De Montfort University’s poet, Siobhan Logan, will transport us into the comet’s dark underworld. Join her to relive one of the ESA’s boldest missions. 

A fantastical journey to the antipathies 
A poet and creative writer, Simon Perril from De Montfort University, has always taken inspiration from scientific preoccupations to shape his works. 

Join him as he premieres his latest poem about the imaginary voyage of displaced fantastical characters aboard refugee ship The Stateless, on a quest to find the mythical lands ‘the Antipathies.’ 

Expect themes of alchemy, an introduction to the nineteenth century female scientist who invented the aquarium, eco-disaster and utopian thought.

This performance is part of our LCB Depot Takeover event

The Cellar bar is only accessible by a staircase (14 steps) with handrails on both sides.