Painting over the cracks

15 September 2022 - 18:00

Leicester Museum & Art Gallery, Leicester

This is a drop-in event, running between 18.00-22.00. 

Maintaining calm, and resilience can be difficult in times like these. How do we switch off? How do we keep positive when everything around us seems to be becoming increasingly impossible? It certainly takes a great deal of resilience. 

Indrani Lahiri from De Montfort University has been using the arts to explore how communities might collectively build better mental health, and coping mechanisms. 

Prepare to get messy, grab a brush (or a fork?) and join her to explore how different forms of putting paint to canvas might be one way of switching off and better managing mental health. 

Sessions will last 20 minutes, please stop by on the night to check the times and book your place!

This drop-in activity is part of our Leicester Museum and Art Gallery Takeover event.

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