Origami robotics

Run time: 11:00 – 12:00

Robots can be useful in all sorts of situations, from acting as a gripper for agricultural harvesting, to a crawler for disaster response. However, these tasks often require great dexterity and developing robotic hands versatile enough is extremely challenging. Such robots require many joints in their fingers and palm, which uses a huge amount of technology to synchronise their movements. 

Finding a solution to this conundrum is difficult, but one unlikely answer could be found in the world of origami.
Chenying Liu from the University of Oxford might have found a solution. Applying inspiration from something called ‘thick-panel origami’ alongside 3D printing, she’s able to create robots capable of grasping with ease. These require far less technology and human effort but still have enough dexterity to handle something as fragile as an egg. 
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12 September 2024 - 11:00
East Building EB.G.08, UEL Docklands Campus