Cities of the Future

15 September 2022 - 16:00

The [email protected], De Montfort University

Event duration: 60 minutes

Life is all about give and take. But when it comes to nature, the cities we live in are doing a lot more take. So how can we change this? 

The idea of ‘mutualistic cities’ is for cities to become increasingly blended into the countryside around them and emulate natural ecosystems. For example, making much greater use of regeneration and recycling. Cities have a huge role to play in nature’s recovery, with potential benefits that extend to all its inhabitants. So, how can we all work together to make our cities better for ourselves and for nature? 

Hosted by Turi King, join a multidisciplinary team including researchers from the University of Leicester, Mark Williams (Geographer), Ceri Jones (Clinical Psychologist), Natalie Darko (Sociologist), and Peter Soulsby (Leicester City Mayor) for a panel discussion and Q&A exploring how relationships between cities and nature can thrive. 

The University of Leicester hold a series of free public talks exploring hot topics called ‘Difficult Conversations’ and we are delighted to have this talk as part of the British Science Festival 2022 programme.

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