Improbotics LIVE

16 September 2022 - 19:00

Sue Townsend Theatre

Event duration: 90 minutes 

Get ready for laughs and mischief in this live improv comedy performance. A troupe of actors, comedians, and technologists will perform alongside artificial intelligence (a robot called ALeX) – and if that wasn’t absurd enough, some of the improvisors will be controlled by the AI. 

The big question of the night: will they pass the Turing Test? Only the audience can say for sure. 

Improbotics has performed at events such as the Art AI Festival, Brighton Fringe, Leicester Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe, Paris Fringe, and many others across the UK. We’re so excited to bring them back to Leicester for this evening’s theatrical show. 

This event is produced by the Art AI Festival and supported by the British Science Festival. For further details about this performance, and details about all Art AI Festival activities at the British Science Festival, please visit: 

This event is free but tickets need to be booked in advance using the Art AI Festival Eventbrite page