Humanising space

14 September 2022 - 14:00

Queen's Building, Lecture Theatre 1.12, De Montfort University

Event duration: 60 minutes 

What do you think of when someone brings up space science? 

Most people would imagine satellites, robotics, space flight and Earth observation informed by disciplines such as astronomy, physics, engineering and maths. However, we tend to overlook the important role that sociology and social policy play in our understanding of space and its exploration. 

From space weaponry and tourism, to satellite surveillance – space is being humanised and new laws are required to ensure that space is for everyone. 

In this Sociology and Social Policy Section Presidential Address, Henrietta O'Connor from the University of Leicester will bring together a panel of experts to discuss cosmic sociology; a subject that unpicks the growing issues of space exploration and how space politics is needed to consider its consequences.

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