Edge of Reality

17 September 2022 - 11:00

The Clock Tower & Humberstone Gate, Leicester

This is a drop-in event, running between 11:00-16:30 – there is no need to book.

Step inside this futuristic caravan to experience the 'Edge of Reality', an imagined future influenced by the technology we use and the data we produce as a result. The internet is no longer accessed exclusively through our screens. It can be found everywhere, from our home appliances, to streets and vehicles. These devices constantly talk to each other, making our lives more efficient and connected.

This interconnectedness is referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). The data generated by the IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) processes are often considered to be harmless because we cannot see it. But what does this mean for the sustainability of our world? 

The continuous creation of IoT-AI data and its transmission across vast computer networks is contributing to ICT's global carbon footprint which is now estimated to account for around 3.9% of worldwide CO2 emissions. As they experience a futuristic smart home setting, participants will also be invited to consider the environmental implications of such a future. 

Venue details: The Clock Tower & Humberstone Gate, Leicester, 3E Gates, LE1 5YA