Drink ‘n’ draw with animals

Run time: 18:00 – 20:00
Many animals have been living on this planet far longer than us. So perhaps there’s a lot we can learn from them, especially when it comes to living sustainably and in balance with our planet. 
Come and meet members of Zoolab UK to get up close and person with some live animals . Discover if understanding how they adapted to environments could provide us humans with the insight we need to protect our planet. 
Join them to explore a wealth of other fascinating examples of where animals have inspired us humans to create and engineer new materials, machines, and ways of doing things. 
For access information and directions to this venue, and all British Science Festival venues, please click this link https://britishsciencefestival.org/british-science-festival-2024-venues
Please note that this event involves live animals, including spiders, insects and snakes.

13 September 2024 - 18:00
Cabana, Westfield Stratford