Digging deeper into soil

Run time: 10:00 – 17:00
Soil, just dirt on the bottom of your shoe? Think again. Did you know soil houses a quarter of Earths’ species, provides infrastructure for 95% of global food production and is our biggest asset in carbon capture, it’s fascinating! 
However, soils are also under threat. From being waterlogged from flooding to erosion from extreme heat, we’re losing both soil diversity and integrity. 
Come along and meet scientists from The British Society of Soil Science and get mucky with a series of experiments to discover for yourself the land you stand on and how you can preserve this important sub-surface world. We just hope you don’t mind getting your hands dirty! 
For access information and directions to this venue, and all British Science Festival venues, please click this link https://britishsciencefestival.org/british-science-festival-2024-venues

12 September 2024 - 10:30
West Building The Lounge, UEL Docklands Campus

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