DataDriven Earth

Run time: 11:30 – 17:00
The impacts of the climate crisis are having a global effect. Therefore, finding a way to communicate the consequences requires a universal language. Data could be the answer. 
Embark on a data-driven journey with Renata Brandao from the University of East London and Chris MacDonald from the University of Cambridge and explore the complex landscape of climate change through their immersive exhibit, DataDriven Earth. 
Submerge yourself in data and watch the numbers come alive. From hands-on experiences to cutting-edge virtual reality, this exhibit invites you to navigate the intricate web of climate data. Come along to explore how to communicate the urgency of our environmental challenges through immersive experiences and develop a deeper understanding and connection to the pressing issues that we face. 
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Please note that this event involves use of VR headsets which are not suitable for those under the age of 14 and some people may find disorientating

15 September 2024 - 11:30
Arthur Edwards Building, UEL Stratford Campus

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