A Human Laboratory: Imagining the invisible worlds of science

13 September 2022 - 16 September 2022

Vijay Patel Building, Design Wing, Floor 0

This exhibition will be available to visit between 10:30-17:30 everyday throughout the British Science Festival. 

Featuring large-scale photographs, experimental documentary film and an immersive installation, this exhibition allows visitors to explore the often hidden world of the scientific laboratory. 

Grounded within a larger body of work, artist and researcher Mark Kasumovic thoughtfully explores the relationships between science and technology, and the evolution of both in tandem with the optical world. 

Where once information about the world was collected mostly on slides and test tubes, now it is collected and stored in data centres filled with huge server banks. 

Much like the rest of contemporary culture, scientific enquiry is becoming difficult for the camera to fully represent, and this intriguing exhibition asks viewers to consider the array of technologies we rely on to increasingly understand the world around us.